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HedonismBot is a pet project by Kevin Ko. It was built as a tool for hedonistic, voracious consumers of television to keep track of when episode delays occurred or when season openers would premier.

HedonismBot is built with Ruby on Rails and utilizes the TVRage and TVDB APIs. Contact me if you have any questions :).

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  • Try adding the country, e.g. "Wilfred (US)" instead of "Wilfred"
  • Try adding any subtitles, e.g. "Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey" instead of "Cosmos"
  • You may get faster/more accurate loading with correct spelling!

  • If you have any other questions, send them to kevin@kokev.in

    Sample cards:

  • Game of Thrones

    Last Air Date: 06-14-2015
    Episode: 05x10 - "Mother’s Mercy"

  • Futurama

    Show has ended.

    Last Air Date: 09-04-2013
    Episode: 07x26 - "Meanwhile"

  • Adventure Time

    Last Air Date: 06-05-2015
    Episode: 06x43 - "The Comet"

  • Parks and Recreation

    Show has ended.

    Last Air Date: 02-24-2015
    Episode: 07x13 - "One Last Ride, Part 2"

  • Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

    Show has ended.

    Last Air Date: 06-08-2014
    Episode: 01x13 - "Unafraid of the Dark"

  • Top Gear

    Last Air Date: 03-08-2015
    Episode: 22x07 - "Series 22, Episode 7"